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#The Firebird

Hop Along at The Firebird, 9.19.2013

Shot for RFT Music. View a slideshow here.

Off With Their Heads at The Firebird, 9.19.2013

Shot for RFT Music. View a slideshow here

Against Me! at The Firebird, 9.19.2013

Laura Jane Grace and crew absolutely destroyed expectations at The Firebird — and frankly, expectations were high.

Shot for RFT Music. View a slideshow here

The Dead Milkmen at The Firebird, 5.8.2013

Panic! at the Disco at the Firebird, 8.13.2013

Last night, a few hundred people saw a show they’ll tell their friends, foes, and eventual children about.

Check out a full slideshow over on The Riverfront Times.

Samuel Locke Ward & The Garbage Boys at The Firebird, 6.8.2013

Opening for The Dead Milkmen, Samuel Locke Ward & The Garbage Boys threw down with a garage rock set that riled up the crowd — and a head-shaving that, to be honest, didn’t seem to go exactly as planned.

River City Extension at The Firebird, 5.29.2013

The Hood Internet at The Firebird, 5.15.2013

Dance party, go!

Steve Reidell, half of Chicago’s own The Hood Internet, brought the beats and an impressive light show to The Firebird. Hell of a show.

Yeasayer at The Firebird, 6.27.2013

Hands-down, one of the best times I’ve had shooting this year — and I’m incredibly happy with the images to boot.

Playback has a nice review of the show, check it out.

Reptar at The Firebird, 6.27.2013

Horns blaring, funky guitar solos, boundless energy — Reptar had it all, and their opening set for Yeasayer at The Firebird couldn’t have gone any better.

Light was scarce, so I’ve treated these shots with some post-processing effects to create more interesting images.