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#Roger Dabbs

The Features at The Firebird, 6.8.2012

It’s unfair to categorize The Features, so I’m not going to try. Their music is many things to many people — shout-along rock songs to some, hippie love songs to others, country and new wave and indie rock wrapped up in a beard and tight, tight musicianship. No, categories do The Features no good.

It is totally fair, however, to categorize St. Louisans into one of two camps: those who saw a hell of a show by the Nashville quartet at The Firebird, and those who didn’t. Sadly, there could have been far more of the former — The Firebird wasn’t close to selling out — but the band played with a ferocity and energy that’s rare in any club. Not to be outdone, the crowd gave the energy right back.

When they took back to the stage for a three song encore, it was something both the band and audience felt had earned. Hell of a show.

The Features’ newest record, Wilderness, is a great listen — get it, you won’t regret it.


Despite a few recent surprises, The Firebird’s lights aren’t my favorite in the city — far from it. The Features are energetic, photogenic performers, so I opted to crank my ISO past my usual comfort zone to keep my shutter speed higher than The Firebird usually allows.

Granted, I knew that I may convert the images to black and white, so potential noise wasn’t as much of an issue — these guys just look good in black and white.