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#Art Alexakis

Everclear with the Summerland Tour at The Family Arena, 8.7.2012

I loved Everclear growing up.

Despite decidedly angst-free teenage years, I identified with the radio-friendly riffs of So Much for the Afterglow. I tried bleaching my hair to match Art Alexakis’ white hair. I took up the guitar and learned to play Santa Monica.

So, it was disappointing to finally see a band I’d loved, only to be underwhelmed by Alexakis’ faltering voice and his hired guns.

At least the old songs are still good.


Everclear had one of the more challenging lighting setups of the five Summerland bands — lower spotlights with little in the way of backlighting combined to make Art Alexakis and company tricky to capture for the first two songs.

Backlighting kicked up during the last song, offering an opportunity to capture the rest of the band — and to their credit, they’re entertaining onstage — but by that point, my heart wasn’t in it.