Tenacious D at The Pageant, 7.23.2012

On November 29, 2001, I saw my first arena-sized concert at the Family Arena in St. Charles. An up-and-coming Jimmy Eat world opened that night (having recently changed the title of their breakthrough record “Bleed American” due to the September 11 attacks), with Tenacious D and Weezer providing most of the evening’s sing-alongs and screams.

A little more than a decade later, The D is touring again, and I’m a concert photographer. A reunion worth waiting for — the band leaned heavily on the multi-faceted mini-epics of their recent years, employing a full band for the meaty, metal sound they’ve come to embody.

Tenacious D are touring behind their (terribly misspelled) comeback record, Rize of the Fenix.


With four security guards and (at least) four other photographers in the pit for The Greatest Band in the World, the most pressing obstacle was maneuvering for different angles of The D. Jack Black and Kyle Gass mug for the camera, but getting into position was a little trickier than other shows in the same venue.

That said, there was nothing to complain about regarding lights (excellent stage lights plus two spotlights) or stage presence. Black’s facial expressions are priceless, and Gass’s riffage isn’t too bad, either. Their band was positioned a little far from the stage, but with a 70-200mm at my disposal, they weren’t too tough to catch.

Oh, and their stage setup featured a giant inflatable “fenix” that looked suspiciously like a penis. So there’s that.

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